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3s Omega Constellation Series 27MM Ladies Quartz Watch 18k Gold [f8c4]

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 3s Omega’s latest upgraded version of the Constellation series 27MM, modified the ring mouth Roman font method and the observatory certification embossed pattern details on the back cover; the strap buckle logo adopts the welding process. The logo is completely solved, and the internal is still equipped with the Oujia 1376 authentic movement ! Give it a counter in the true sense, this is the genuine product! 

3S Factory Omega Constellation Series Quartz Women's Watch Evaluation

When it comes to the Omega Constellation of the 3S factory, many people think of the hippocampus and the butterfly flying first. In fact, the Constellation series is also one of the Omega classic series. The constellation series was first born in 1952 and it was very popular. The constellation "Manhattan" launched in 1982 used the paw plan and has been used today, forming the iconic plan of the constellation series. Today, the 3S factory Omega Constellation that is going to talk about is not lost in all respects to the women’s artifact V6 factory blue balloon. This women’s watch has a diameter of 27mm and is equipped with a quartz movement. Please see 3S Factory Omega Constellation 27mm Quartz below. Comparison of true and false female watches:



Judging from the appearance alone, many friends may really think that it was just taken back from the counter. The diameter of the watch is 27 mm, the surface is sapphire mirror, and the double-sided colorless anti-reflection coating of electroplated air is fully transparent. The literal texture and logo can be said to be very elegant. The inlay technique of the five-pointed star and diamond is completely based on the original version, and the details are very particular! The positive effect is highly consistent with the original. The surface material of the natural mother-of-pearl is the same (the texture and color of each piece of natural mother-of-pearl may be slightly different). It is difficult to distinguish true from false

 Under this angle, the 3S factory Omega Constellation 27mm quartz ladies watch is in line with the original temperament. The mirror has the same transparency, and the structure is exactly the same. The steel and wire drawing effects are kept in perfect synchronization


3S factory Omega Constellation 27mm Quartz Women’s Watch is also 100% original in size and thickness. Each part has been disassembled and opened separately to achieve perfection 1 : 1 


3S Factory Omega Constellation 27mm Quartz Ladies Watch's drawing process is comparable to the original. The curvature of the case and the double claws are also perfectly reproduced. The unique design on the side of the strap is also in line with the original. 


The back of the 3S Omega Constellation 27mm Quartz Women’s Watch has a dense bottom design. It can be seen that the 3S bottom cover pattern and lettering are not at all inferior to the original product, and the brushed texture is very obvious.


Look at the back, the size of the lettering on the back, including the depth of texture, is completely indistinguishable from the counter. Friends who don’t believe can take it for comparison. I also want to talk about the movement of this watch. Open the back cover and find that 3S and the original are like twin brothers.The high cost of 3S constellation uses the genuine original Swiss 1376 of the same model Quartz movement, , To ensure that the time is accurate, but also to realize the amazing effect of dismantling the cover! Because of this, all accessories of the 3S Constellation can be interchanged with the original. The 3S factory Omega Constellation 27mm Quartz Women’s Watch Band is also made of wire drawing and is indistinguishable. This design effectively enhances the abrasion resistance and has the same structure. 


Omega gold logo designed at the constellation clasp


, 3S adopts the gold-clad technology, the color and luster are synchronized with the original, and never fade, and the synchronized original with the latest technology can guarantee that it will not fall. The buckle is a double-press folding buckle, the structure is exactly the same, and the lettering on the inside of the buckle is also the same


Summary: 3S factory Omega Constellation 27mm female models have always been rare and rare. Of course, blue balloons have good craftsmanship, but people will always be aesthetically tired. This 3S factory constellation has achieved such a situation in terms of appearance or movement. It can be said that it provides a good choice for women friends!




















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